For Editors

Welcome to the Editors page. This page includes all the information we think you might need to understand the role and responsibilities of the Editors, from assessing a manuscript and finding peer reviewers to increasing recognition and awareness through journal promotion.

Responsibilities of the Editorial Board

An active, highly qualified, and respected Editorial Board is the backbone of any successful journal. The Editorial Board can assist a journal in many ways inclusive of but not limited to:

  • Providing scientific expertise for the journal
  • Submitting articles
  • Encouraging colleagues to submit their articles
  • Help in developing the journal's field-specific editorial policies
  • Advocating the journal around the world
  • Highlighting the journal on social media
  • Encouraging your colleagues to register online to receive article alerts
  • Invite active and talented researchers to join the Reviewer's Database
  • Act as an ambassador of the journal
  • Inviting distinguished scientists to join the editorial board
  • Provide expert advice on manuscripts during research integrity investigations
  • Suggesting topics for special issues
  • Provide content by writing occasional editorials and other short articles
  • Approaching potential contributors
  • Help the journal to build a network of authors and reviewers
  • Overviewing the editorial process for individual manuscripts (mainly by taking the final decision whether a paper can be published after peer-review and revisions)

Promote the journal at conferences

We encourage the editorial board members to introduce the journal while attending the national and international conferences. Members can do this in a number of ways:

  • Place marketing material on display tables and poster boards
  • Prepare a small presentation about the journal and share it with the other participants and colleagues
  • Set up meetings with individuals or groups of researchers to discuss the benefits of publishing in the journal
  • If you are a speaker at a conference, display a promotional slide tailored to the journal at the end of your presentation.

Suggesting New Editorial Board Members

Consider the following ideas when nominating the new editorial board members:

  • Involve people from leading research centers in the field
  • Involve people of various nationalities and/or languages, geographic locations, and all genders
  • Involve people from emerging fields
  • Ensure you have sufficient people to assist in handling manuscripts actively.
  • Divide the field into its major subdivisions and ensure there is a representation of each area on the Board